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1. Before applying a fresh wall, the wall surface is treated and the cracks, skin, moldy and other wall problems are solved. The upper and lower parts of the wall are connected with the top surface and the ground, respectively, with plaster lines and other decorations. The decoration method is simple and fast, and it can also be combined with various embellishments such as picture frames, photo frames, and lights to make the wall effect look more diverse.

black and white canvas art
In addition to painting, black and white wall art is also a relatively simple method in Wall decoration. Wallpapers are divided from materials, styles, colors, etc.. There are many types and patterns. You can always find your favorite one among the many suits. After the basic treatment of the original wall surface, brush the wallpaper glue, cut the wallpaper size, and set a good pattern, you can start to paste the wallpaper. The wallpaper cleaning is very simple, the general stain can be wiped with a wet cloth.
Creative hand-painted wall Art
Hand-painted wall decoration at home is also unique, This method is suitable for young people with artistic cells and personality. If the painted wall is painted with professional artists, it will keep the wall beautiful for a long time.
Clapboard surround without knocking.
They not only make the house look beautiful but also protect the walls, killing two birds with one stone.

Oil painting material and authenticity expression

The difference between oil painting and other kinds of painting is that oil is used to grind pigments and act as a medium for painting. So when it comes to oil painting, "oil" is the first to pay attention. The use of oil in painting began long before the birth of mature oil painting in Europe. As early as the 5th century AD, craftsmen used oil in some aspects of painting. The use of oil in painting has been systematically recorded since the 12th century AD when the use of oil was still in the stage of trial and error. Because it did not solve a few basic technical problems to bring about dry rate is very slow, it is below sunshine normally insolate more than a month just can force dry, and the picture can become yellow turbid, make a person intolerable. In the 15th century, artists discovered that dry oils such as flaxseed oil, when oxidized in the air, can form a hard and transparent film. This film is of great significance: it makes oil paintings have better moisture resistance than other kinds of paintings, and more importantly, dry oil gives artists a richer artistic expression. In the early oil painting masterpiece "Ghent altar painting" by the van Eyck brothers, we can personally feel the extraordinary artistic appeal of oil. https://www.abstractpaintingcanvas.com Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

 Yellow Palette Knife Abstract Painting

Because of the magic weapon of dry oil, the light is not reflected directly from the surface of the color layer of the modern painting to the eyes of the viewer,but through the refraction of the glittering oil film to be seen by our eyes again, so that the painting glows with glaze-like magic unprecedented brilliant color, while the artist combines the rich and subtle transition layer carefully deployed to make the painting. The expressive power of painting was liberated from the monotonous and dull layout of the egg-colored paintings. From then on, the painters acquired the ability to express the world as freely as fish can get water. At the same time, this ability also made the world present to the viewer with an unprecedented vividness. At this time, the viewer has aroused a strong feeling: through the Masters'oil paintings. It is only in the works of the masters that the world reveals its truth. As the ancient Greeks said: the existence is exposed to the sun, "truth" at this time self-manifestation.

So from the 1420s, there suddenly appeared so many subtle realistic paintings in the world of human art. People wandered freely in the magical context of oil painting, capturing the vague reality like the breeze and moonlight and were moved by this reality, making people feel the joy of embracing the real. https://www.qiqiart.com Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

The great work of large abstract painting art.The Volga River,which is the mother river of Russia, home to nearly half the population of the Russian Federation, is located in the southwestern part of Russia and the longest river in Europe,where its author,Lie Bin spent three years painting the world.
The author who was only 27 years old and was a student at the St. Gettysburg Academy of Fine Arts.One day,he was sketched by the river and suddenly attracted by a group of wriggling shadows. It was only when they opened their eyes that they found that they were a group of long-distance shakers pulling cargo full of cargo like cattle,and looking closer, there were people coming and going on the bridge over the Neva River,and all kinds of scenes showed up and down, and the red and green men and women were walking back and forth. He could not help but sigh: Ah,this is Russia!And then there was the next three years of creation of the world famous large abstract painting canvas,"The Fibers on the Volga River."

Hand Painted Oil Paintings, Black And White Artwork, Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale
Hand Painted Oil Paintings, Black And White Artwork, Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale

Usually busy with other things,Lie Bin can only use holiday time, but also face-to-face pull up the landscape painter Evasive to go together, the two from time to discuss the local people, the idea of the large abstract painting canvas.While feeling the life of the local fiddler,the general sigh, the same society has emerged in a different world.It was rare at the time that painters were dedicated to aristocrats in the 1970s.And Lie Bin painted for the people at the bottom.
Of course, this painting has also become the famous work of Lie Bin, in which there are 11 boat tracker,numb along with the procession,they have old and little,old wind and frost, sunken eyes, the expression on his face shows all sorts of helplessness about life, and the expression on his face shows all sorts of helplessness about his life,and the expression on his face shows him all sorts of helplessness about life.It is obvious that the young man has just been a fiddler for a long time,and he is very unaccustomed to it.His brow is fastened, and he wants to loosen the rope while not willing to bear this work.
In this large black and white painting canvas,we can see they were divided into three groups, leading the way with three veterans who had been in the industry for many years. The second group was the young man, who had been skinned with his shoulders,and wanted to resist,and the hope that formal painters would most like to see.Two men on the side looked gloomy, one of them opened his cigarette bag and tried to smoke two mouths to ease his sufferings.In the last group, there appeared a strong man who appeared to be a veteran with two old men looking at the indefatigable wind in droop.

City Street Abstract Wall Art
City Street Abstract Wall Art

When I first saw the large black and white painting, the first thing I saw was the blue sky behind my back and the vast Volga River, but when a dozen or so boat tracker struggled to pull up the freighter, an inexplicable feeling filled my mind.At the same time, the Russian people under the rule of czarist Russia.Meanwhile,Lie Bin also gave us a lot of imagination, highlighted the individual characteristics of the slender men in the abstract painting canvas,which let us fantasize about the oppression they suffered at that time, understood the painter Lie Bin,and it was dissatisfied with and criticized for the rule of the social stratum at that time.
After all, the best experience is to let you feel the great work of extra large abstract painting canvas.