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1. Before applying a fresh wall, the wall surface is treated and the cracks, skin, moldy and other wall problems are solved. The upper and lower parts of the wall are connected with the top surface and the ground, respectively, with plaster lines and other decorations. The decoration method is simple and fast, and it can also be combined with various embellishments such as picture frames, photo frames, and lights to make the wall effect look more diverse.

black and white canvas art
In addition to painting, black and white wall art is also a relatively simple method in Wall decoration. Wallpapers are divided from materials, styles, colors, etc.. There are many types and patterns. You can always find your favorite one among the many suits. After the basic treatment of the original wall surface, brush the wallpaper glue, cut the wallpaper size, and set a good pattern, you can start to paste the wallpaper. The wallpaper cleaning is very simple, the general stain can be wiped with a wet cloth.
Creative hand-painted wall Art
Hand-painted wall decoration at home is also unique, This method is suitable for young people with artistic cells and personality. If the painted wall is painted with professional artists, it will keep the wall beautiful for a long time.
Clapboard surround without knocking.
They not only make the house look beautiful but also protect the walls, killing two birds with one stone.