This technique is obviously different from the traditional techniques used in the previous demonstrations. It draws the human body onto an  Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art painting. This Oversized Canvas Art painting is likely to have the problem that when the surface of the oil painting becomes transparent over a long period of time, the underlying layer of color and structure will turn out. But preventive measures can be taken: 1. Draw the abstract foundation as thin as possible. 2. The human body is painted with a thick coating method. Change the abstract base so that the human body can be displayed. When the change involves areas where bright colors need to be painted in the dark, scrape off the dark colors until they reach the lead-white bottom. 3. In order to avoid the practical difficulty of scraping or altering the original paint layer on a large canvas, the Masonite board is used.

Colorful Abstract Art Wall Painting Blue White Red Grey

The boards that draw this abstract painting method can be accumulated in daily work, and the clean pigments left on the palette after daily work can be thinly painted on some small Masoni boards. After a few months, interesting Large Abstract Paintings are formed. Looking at them upside down, there are many shapes that do not seem abstract. By arranging them slightly, they become realistic paintings that still retain a certain degree of abstraction. These may sound cumbersome, but they can create new patterns and color arrangements that are impossible in everyday life and on clean canvas.