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When Darwin send a red cloth to a native fei and Ann,Great Big Canvas saw the natives don't BuDuan as clothing and his companions will be ripped BuDuan strips wrapped around the frozen  limb body
above as adornment, he thought that is very strange.
In fact, this kind of behavior is not unique to the people and Ann.
If Darwin had done the same thing in the kalahari desert or in an Australian forest,Black and White Art he would have seen the same thing at cape Horn.
With the exception of arctic tribes who cannot survive without adequate clothing, the adornment of all hunter-gatherers is more noticeable and more abundant than that of their clothing.
"They would rather be naked than beautiful," said Cook, referring exclusively to the australians,Contemporary Art the minkpians, the bushmen and the potokudos, but it
is also quite true to apply this to the australians, the minkpians, the bushmen and the potokudos.
Writers of the history of civilization, who have employed popular scientific methods to flaunting the greatness of culture to various civilized nations, have habitually referred to the fact that the dress and ornament did not suit each
other, as amusing examples of naive savages who could not distinguish necessity from waste.
There are many mistakes in this kind of illustration.
If the savages were only tall, demented children, as is often depicted, the question of how they could continue to exist would be difficult to understand, for they should have long since perished and become a dangerous example to the
higher animals of reason. 


Those who do not even understand their own needs of the biological, is not able to survive for a long time.
But these primitive peoples, with their lack of dress and their excess of ornament, have lived in this world for tens of millions of years, though there are always higher nations there who are eager to try to stop them.
So, do not know in the end is the primitive nation should not have the right to continue to survive to go, or let this matter is civilized historians do not know the difference between necessary and waste?
Is it possible that the ornament of the primitive people was not something superfluous and wasteful, as the 19th-century materialists imagined?
The savage nations must be garnished, or as ours must be clothed.

However, before we can explore the meaning of the original decoration, we must first make ourselves understand the original decoration.
The original decoration is half fixed and half movable.
We will all permanent makeup deformation, such as: mark (scarifica A tion), grain (ta - ttooing), wear nose, lips, wear ear, etc., are included in fixed this kind of decoration.
The adornment of the activity is a few mobile adorn article that connect to the body temporarily only, include among them primitive nation thinks the most precious tassel, rope, belt, annulus and pendant and so on.
But we should especially study the simplest form of mobile decoration -- body painting.
Because first of all, according to our opinion, the painted body is the most prominent representative of the original form of decoration;
Secondly, the body painting is obviously related to some fixed decorations.
The practice of body painting is most common in lower cultures.
Only those Eskimo who have had to completely cover their bodies, at least when living outdoors, have not.