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Landscape sketches mainly show the nature of the sky, the ground, the three relations.
Everything in nature takes place in these three relationships.
In landscape sketches,Large Wall Art they are shown as contrast relations, and the description techniques among the three relations should be as different as possible, using different lines
to express different feelings towards them.From the shape of the structure, the sky is inclined, the ground is horizontal, things are vertical.
All forms in our vision are arranged in these three relationships, which are restricted by these three relationships,Large Canvas Art Cheap  especially the change of perspective proportion in
the modeling.
The sky is often a large part of a landscape sketch.
The sky is mainly represented by clouds, which are water vapor floating in the air. It is characterized by uncertainty and inconstancy.
Cloud is the only element in the sky that can put into use the modelling means, so the performance of cloud decides the modelling quality of the sky.
In describing clouds, we should pay attention to the following points:

(1) to represent the volume of cloud.
In the form of attention to transition, in respectability to pay attention to the level of light and shade, before and after relations can be used to show the overlap.

(2) to represent the shape of clouds.
The shape of the cloud is a cluster of arcs, and we should pay attention to the difference between the radian,Large Canvas Art Sale size and spacing of the shape, as well as the virtual and
solid outline of the cloud.

(3) to demonstrate cloud perspective.
The cloud perspective is very strong, and this perspective is the main means to show the spatial relationship. It is necessary to pay attention to the changes in the overall perspective size of the cloud, as well as to the perspective
deformation that reflects the sense of volume of the cloud.

(4) to show the movement of clouds.
The cloud is constantly changing and moving under the influence of wind. Such changes are related.
The motion of the cloud is directional, and be aware of its directional consistency.

The shape of the sky is not only the change of the clouds, but also the perspective change of the atmosphere.
This change is caused by the effect of the density on the refractive index after exposure of the impurities in the air.
This change is mainly manifested as the change of lightness, which varies in different ways depending on the direction of light.
When the scene is light, the upper part of the sky is dark and the lower part of the ground is bright.
The upper part of the sky is bright while the lower part is dark.