large canvas art believes everybody is to have certain understanding, in our life now a lot of people can choose adornment picture to undertake domestic outfit.
There are many kinds of decorative paintings on the market, which provide us with a lot of choices, but at the same time require us to have a certain understanding of decorative paintings
What decorative painting is for white wall - a brief introduction to decorative painting.


DecorativePainting a DecorativePainting by zhu ngshi.
It is often decorated on the surface of the building, which endows the surrounding environment with a corresponding artistic atmosphere, making the environment beautiful and decent and increasing the spatial sense and artistic atmosphere of the room.
It is widely used in home, hotel and office decoration matching.
Content can be expressed in various forms, and the process of "creating images by intention and doing business by image" is to create forms based on content and convey contents through forms.
Subject matter is very rich divided into figurative subject matter, image subject matter, abstract subject matter and comprehensive subject matter.
The three elements of decorative modeling, decorative color and decorative composition are the key to decorative painting.
Good decorative paintings can convey information through their visual images and communicate beyond regional and ethnic boundaries as well as language barriers and cultural differences.

What decorative painting does white wall have -- the kind of decorative painting
By region style can be divided into: Chinese decorative painting, new Chinese decorative painting, European decorative painting, British decorative painting, American decorative painting, French decorative painting and so on.

By the time style can be divided into: classical decorative painting, neoclassical decorative painting, postmodern decorative painting and so on.

It can be divided into: hotel decoration painting, household decoration painting, living room decoration painting, restaurant decoration painting, bedroom decoration painting, porch decoration painting, kitchen decoration painting, children room decoration painting and so on.

According to the types of pigments can be divided into: pen decorative picture, pencil decorative picture, chalk decorative picture, crayon decorative picture, oil color decorative picture, watercolor decorative picture, lacquer decorative picture, etc.

According to canvas materials, it can be divided into: Mosaic decoration painting, photographic decoration painting, tapestry decoration, silk decoration painting, copper plate decoration painting, drawnwork decoration painting, paper
cutting decoration painting, wood carving decoration painting, stone carving decoration painting, knot decoration painting and so on.

According to the color system style can be divided into: black and white decorative painting, color decorative painting, red decorative painting, yellow decorative painting, blue decorative painting, warm color decorative painting, cool color decorative painting.

According to the frame materials can be divided into: solid wood frame large canvas art, plastic frame decorative painting, metal frame decorative painting, frameless decorative painting.